London Is Top UK City For Tech Business Women

A recent survey of the UK’s capital has shown that the city is the place to be for female entrepreneurs, especially for those who want to start up a technology business. Women benefiting from London’s tech hub status Mortimer Spinks, the leading innovator in technology recruitment in the UK, conducted the survey, interviewing over 3,700...
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Can UK Startups Benefit From Brexit?

Many people are still recovering from the shock of the UK deciding to leave the EU, including a number of large organisations, as well as a huge number of entrepreneurs. Several entrepreneurs have spoken out since the UK made its decision to leave, expressing their displeasure and calling it a “disaster” and a “blow to...
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Astuta exits ITLab after successful sale to ECI Partners

[Press Release]   Investment follows 3.5 years strategic counsel and operational support which saw ITLab grow EBITDA more than 8x   7x return on IT Lab marks a pivotal proof of concept for Astuta’s entrepreneur-led investor and advisory model    London, UK – 06 July 2016 – Astuta Partners (Astuta) – an entrepreneur-led investment and advisory...
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How To Handle A Potential PR Crisis

The advent of social media has been an exceptional tool in helping businesses not only advertise their goods and services but in helping get out brand messaging in a crisis. However, social media can also play a large part in harming a company’s reputation; a simple tweet can backfire enormously; a seemingly harmless Facebook post...
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3 Tips For A Successful Healthcare Startup

There is no doubt that the National Health Service is facing a turbulent time. But, facing an uncertain future due to inadequate funds, the NHS has now chosen to embrace public-private partnerships in the recognition that technology helps boost preventive measures, empowers patients, and helps with the delivery of care. With the healthcare industry due...
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