About Us

Blending software expertise with an enviable investment track record

Astuta’s value is intrinsically linked to the pedigree of our founding team and our rich heritage in next generation software platforms and intelligent automation, and in successful technology investment. Our passion for technology, especially the latest digital platforms and tools, is critical to our vision for the transformation of the companies we acquire and develop

Group Structure

To date, Astuta is delivering intelligent growth via software modernisation across three sectors

Financial Services (Inforalgo)
Public & Legal Sectors (Trojan)
IoT (Spica)

In each case, the Astuta management team helps to deliver the business model for improvement and provides shared services – including the blueprint for intelligent automation of data management. 

Our Founders

Howard Sears
Executive Chairman

A serial technology entrepreneur with an interest in fintech, AI, IoT and Big Data, Howard has a 20-year track record of delivering shareholder value. Has started, invested into and built a number of companies worth a combined £100m.

Jordan Ambrose
Chief Operating Officer

Jordan, who heads up financial markets regulatory data management innovator Inforalgo, is an experienced leader of software businesses and well known for unlocking their true value. His success stories include Cobent and ITLab.

Trevor Milsom
Chief Finance Officer

Trevor is a seasoned and highly-qualified CIMA finance professional, with years spent immersed in fast-paced technology businesses. He brings extensive international expertise and M&A and fundraising experience to the Astuta business.