Fancy The Internet Of Things In Your New Microwave?

The microwave has long been a staple fixture in our kitchens. Ever since its invention after the Second World War, the trusty microwave has been there to support us through hunger pains when we simply cannot wait 40 minutes for a meal to cook in the oven, for when we’ve forgotten to defrost the meat, or even for when the kids are screaming and warm milk is needed NOW!

However, whilst most households would never be without their reliant microwave, the technology of the device hasn’t really moved forward in the 50 or so years since its invention. The device is by no means perfect but because it is simple and warms food up in generally under 6 minutes, instead of 40-65 minutes, it’s often the kitchen device of choice in our often time-poor lives.

The problem with the microwave though is that when it comes to heating up leftovers, they often come out soggy or extremely hard and tasteless, none of which is great. This has been a problem we’ve just had to cope with…until now!

It may have taken a few years for this problem to be addressed but now Texas-based multinational company, Freescale Semiconductor believe they may have solved the issue.

The company has announced they have been testing their solution, the RF cooking concept, which uses solid-state radio frequency (RF) technology to heat food up. The technology still enables meals to be heated up quickly but the key difference is that users are given much more control, meaning food is not so much at risk of losing its taste and texture.

The appliance allows its users to control where, when and how much of the microwave’s energy is used when heating up your food. The company states that this means you can avoid overcooking your food, as well as minimise the risk of extinguishing any of the nutrients that are left.

However, the advance in technology doesn’t just stop there. In fact Freescale Semiconductor states that their device will allow you to cook your meals at different strengths as well as reheat more than one dish at the same time. The device also allows you to do so much more than a normal microwave, whether you want to bake, poach, sear or even just brown or crisp up your food a bit.

As with other IoT devices, this new microwave will be connected to the internet, which will enable the device to add, store and learn recipes, and more importantly adapt its settings according to your preferences.

A release date has not yet been confirmed for the new microwave from Freescale Semiconductor but no doubt many are hoping it will be released soon and not fall by the wayside. These improvements are things that most microwave owners would welcome – so we’ll just need to keep our fingers crossed that this IoT device passes its testing phase with flying colours!