We achieve this through platform modernisation and profitable business expansion

We have a particular talent for transforming software firms with data management solutions that help customers meet increasingly demanding reporting obligations in highly regulated markets


Our intelligent growth programme is designed to deliver a futureproof technology roadmap, with early returns along the way, thanks to our leadership in digital technologies and best-practice delivery


It means we can bring a step-change in new value creation for a firm’s existing customers, while also stimulating and accelerating revenue growth


We do this by alleviating the complexity and pain of regulatory compliance – through intelligent automation of data preparation, and external managed software hosting

What Makes Us Different?

Astuta stands apart from other businesses by combining deep, state-of-the-art software expertise with an impressive track record in turning profitable revenue growth.

It’s the software itself which drives us.

The company we keep

We look for companies that bring technical excellence around data integration and preparation, and cement their long-term potential by migrating their solutions to a modern cloud infrastructure – enabling maximum scale, flexibility, cost efficiency and speed of delivery. We’ll apply the latest intelligent automation techniques too, harnessing artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to extend the software’s value for customers

The Team – Technology
Sector Specialists

We have a passion for technology and a talent for transforming