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facebook privacy

Is Facebook Harnessing Big Data To Track All Your Web Activity?

Recent research commissioned by the Belgian Privacy Commission and conducted by the Computer Security and…

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Can Augmented Reality & The Internet Of Things Play Nicely Together?

The terms augmented reality and internet of things are becoming increasingly common but how many…

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amazon dash

Will Amazon Revolutionise Online Grocery Shopping With This Gadget?

Amazon is the world’s biggest online business and in recent years has really worked hard…

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Can We Use Big Social Data To Predict The Election Outcome?

As social media continues to grow and become increasingly advanced, more and more people are…

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intenet of things budget

Budget 2015: Osbourne Pledges £140m To Support Internet of Things

The Internet of Things phenomenon is becoming quite impossible to ignore, even more so now…

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How Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Will Transform The Workplace

Companies are learning a lot from big data, all of which should be giving them…

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smart cities new

From Connected Devices To Smart Cities By 2020

Everyone keeps talking about the Internet of Things revolution but what does that term actually…

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Are British Consumers Ready For The Wave Of Wearable Tech?

Brits are well known for their openness to embrace new technology, much to the delight…

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arm ibm starter kit

How To Prototype Your Internet Of Things Device In Under 5 Minutes

‘The Internet of Things’ phenomenon is continuing to grow at enormous speed and shows no…

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