Top 5 Investment Bloggers You Must Read

1. Brian Lund – The Lund Loop blog is run by Brian Lund, the EVP and co-founder of Ditto Trade (a licensed broker dealer). Brian has over 25 years’ experience of trading markets and uses his blog to inform those who are interested in markets and trading. A popular and well respected blogger and...
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The Social Discipline Advantage

Almost every organisation has suffered from the adverse effects of broken promises and poor group motivation. Symptoms of poor employee engagement, these issues are driven by deep-rooted psychological factors and can be extremely difficult to manage. Moreover, they can have a significant detrimental impact on long-term performance. Offering a long-overdue solution, the arrival of social...
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Combating the Financing of Terrorism with Smart Data

Freddie McMahon, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Anomaly42 looks into how Smart Data and AI are being used to transform decision making for big business and combat those major money laundering players that are successfully bypassing the controls of financial institutions, especially banks. Between US$1.44 trillion to US$3.59 trillion is being laundered every year....
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An Omni-Channel Pioneer Explains His Methods

By Peter High Omni-channel retailing refers to the development of a seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores, smartphones, tablet computers, personal computers, direct mail, catalog, and the like. There are a lot of retailers who have made an attempt to establish the Omni-channel opportunity. Most have...
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How Many Marketing Bases Can You Realistically Cover At One Time?

By Edmund Ingham Any business today will tell you that getting your marketing messages out there has never been easier. Knowing who will see it, and how they will respond to it, however, is an altogether more complex task. Some might call it a science.
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