6 Ways To Turn Around a Stagnating Business

As a small business owner you’ve no doubt been working hard over the years to make sure your pipeline is always as full as it can be and that your sales increase year on year. However, even if you feel confident that you’ve got to stage where you don’t have to worry so much about...
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25 Reasons An Investor Won’t Touch Your Startup

There are quite a few articles, written by various venture capitalists (VCs), which aim to give entrepreneurs the heads up on what investors really expect when investing in a startup business. Our advice though, is to start with this great post by Nic Brisbourne. A seasoned VC and Managing Partner at Forward Partners, his post...
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7 Negotiating Tactics When Selling Your Business

You might feel after years and years of running your own business, and dealing with endless suppliers and customers, that you’d be fully prepared when it comes to negotiating a good sale. However, more business owners come a cropper at this stage than you would ever think. Selling your own business, understandably, requires an enormous...
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15 Tips For Preparing Your Business For Sale

Making the decision to sell your start-up business is not always an easy one. Although for many entrepreneurs it is a sign of success and doing so enables them to take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey. The steps below detail how you can improve your chances of a successful business transaction and achieve...
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The Top 5 Private Equity Journalists You Should Be Following

There are a large number of private equity journalists that you can follow online, however, without having the time to properly research which are the best, how can you possibly know if you’re missing out on the most up-to-date, exciting analysis from the brightest minds in private equity? Below you’ll find our choice of the...
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