Announcing a boost to our growth, thanks to our new owner – Astuta

Marking an important milestone in Trojan’s growth ambitions, we are delighted to announce that we have been acquired by UK software group, Astuta.

This will give us the additional resources and latest technology skills we need to move our business forward and keep our solutions fresh and competitive in this fast-changing market. Our plans include capitalising on the economies and scalability of the cloud, as well as the latest intelligent automation, to increase the flexibility, performance and cost-efficiency of our solutions.

Unlike pure financial investors, Astuta is owned by experienced software entrepreneurs with a passion for the latest technology – particularly in heavily regulated markets. The group has an impressive track record in taking growing British technology companies through a new phase of development, while updating their products so they remain competitive in the digital era.

Astuta’s interest in Trojan is a ringing endorsement of our company’s potential. The group only invests in UK technology firms which offer something unrivalled with enduring appeal.

Importantly, the transition of ownership will be seamless to our customers – who will continue to be served by the same people.

In the words of Astuta’s founder and executive chairman, Howard Sears,

“Our priority will be to keep Trojan’s customers happy and ensure complete continuity – with the same team, supported by the resources needed to keep moving the business forward. It’s what we’re known for, and Trojan is a great fit for Astuta – representing exactly the kind of software business we are passionate about, with all the hallmarks of lasting success.”