80% Increase in UK Tech Start-Up Job Ads

The last few years have seen a huge growth in the number of tech start-ups being founded and this is due mainly to the significant increase that has occurred in venture capital investment. This growth in investment is expected to continue throughout the rest of 2015, with recent research from Adzuna, the jobs search engine site, predicting that 20,000 new jobs within the technology industry will be created as a result.

The jobs search engine compiled their research by studying one million of the job adverts that were published on its site, at over 1,000 of tech firms, across a number of years. It cited the following tech firms as some of the biggest hirers: Candy Crush, the ticketing company Viagogo, and Onefinestay, the handmade hospitality start-up.

Adzuna’s report detailed that there are currently 12,000 jobs being advertised by tech start-ups, which shows an 80% growth from the number that were advertised last year, which most will agree is a huge increase and one that is only set to continue.

The report showed that the majority of tech start-ups are founded in the South-East of the UK and London and as such, the report states, most new tech jobs are thus found here with 51% advertised in London and 14% outside of the capital.

Responsible for 8% (each) of the tech jobs being advertised are Yorkshire and Humberside, North East, Northern Ireland and Wales. The North West and Eastern areas of England follow quite a way behind, being responsible for only 7% and 6% of roles and only 4% of jobs advertised are found in the South West and West Midlands. Bringing up the rear, Adzuna reports, are the East Midlands and Scotland, which are each only responsible for 3% of the tech jobs being advertised.

Research has shown that venture capital Investment in the tech sector within the UK has reached £459 million in just Q1 of this year. This follows nicely on from last year, which saw US investors invest a whopping $795.2 million into UK tech start-ups, a record at the time and one that many tech start-ups are no doubt hoping will be broken in 2015. 

Hunter, the founder of Adzuna commented on what an exciting time it was for tech start-ups, stating that “start-ups in the UK are raising money like never before and this is leading to significant job creation around the country and, similarly to Silicon Valley, UK tech companies are now able to stand toe-to-toe with the City competing for Britain’s top talent.”

This increase in investment bodes extremely well for UK tech start-ups and is great news for UK jobseekers – long may it continue!